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dog potty grassPotty training your new puppy can be a harrowing experience to say the least. How do you get the little guy to figure out that grass is where you pee; not the kitchen tile, the bed spread, the living room carpet or anywhere else in the house? So it had to happen sooner or later that someone would think of a way to bring the grass indoors to the dog; enter dog potty grass! Different from plain old dog pee pads, dog potty grass actually simulates the real thing; the grass in your yard.

What if you don’t have a yard? Even better! Doggie potty grass is the perfect answer for people in tiny apartments, apartment complexes with no grass, and apartments on the fourth floor with no elevator (who needs that trudge up and down the stairs every 15 minutes) or anyone who simply can’t get their dog to go outside; or has a dog that just can’t make it outside in time. Most dogs tend to shred the plastic and fiber doggie pee pads. What a mess. But with dog potty grass – that won’t happen!

Amazon.com has Pup Head dog potty grass for sale (brand new) for $26.49; that’s a 20 inch by 20 inch and considered a ‘mini’… for small dogs. Once you get into the bigger sizes for bigger dogs, the price gets bigger as well. Amazon has a large size 30 inch by 40 inch patch of Pup Head dog potty grass brand new for $199.95. That may seem like a serious investment but remember that it’s going to save you so much time, trouble and cleanup… it will pay for itself in no time. This particular brand received a 4 ½ out of five stars rating. In fact, one particular reviewer preferred the Pup Head brand to the UGODOG brand because her large dog never seemed to be able to “hit the spot” on the UGODOG potty grass.

The pads that go underneath the dog potty grass are deceptively flimsy looking but absorb like crazy. Some reviewers went for several days before changing the pad and were amazed at the lack of odor and mess. They also say that using four pads for the large pee grass and two pads for the regular size (20 inches by 30 inches; 20 inches by 20 inches recommended for dogs up to 8 pounds) is best, so that you can rotate pads while washing the other dog potty grass. The pads are washable and durable; and the actual dog potty grass can be washed off in a utility sink or bathtub.

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Dog wee grass is relatively realistic in feel and has a pleasant organic scent which is patent pending. Your dog is literally attracted to this grass, so there should be no problem training them to use it. Whether you’re training a puppy, taking your dog out on the boat, camping in a recreational vehicle or live in a New York City high-rise; dog potty grass will be a godsend for you and your pup!

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